1. Passe Avapehi (between 10 and 29m)
  2. Fa’a Miti (between 4 and 27m)
  3. L’ancre d’Avapehi (between 6 and 25m)
  4. Les Arches (between 6 and 40m)
  5. La Citée Corail (between 14 and 28m)
  6. Les Roses (40-49m)
  7. Tombant de Fare (between 2 and 22m)
  8. Hiva Spot (between 18 and 34m)

Mahana Dive has been on Huahine since 1997, our experience allows us to bring you to the site best adapted to your needs, your safety and for your diving pleasure! We’re a small dive center, so if possible, please book your dives in advance or at least try to get in touch with us a day before you’d like to dive.

– Details:

It is possible to do two dives in one morning but we like to return to the center and rest an hour before the second dive.

The day’s first dive meets at 8:15, and the second at 10:45. Return time slated for 12:30/1 p.m.

  • The Hive diving spot on the southern tip of the island depends on the swell.

– 1st dive and introductory dive:

Now is the perfect time to try out scuba diving. You will feel reassured by the calm and patience for your first underwater experiences. Our instructors will guide you every step of the way and will safely introduce you to the inhabitants of this extraordinary underwater world.


– For Beginners:

You wish to continue to diveVous avez envie de continuer la plongée sur les différentes îles, il est donc bon pour vous de progresser au fur et à mesure de vos plongées. Il vous suffira de vous procurer un carnet de plongée (disponible dans tous les centres) et chacune de vos plongées y sera notée avec les exercices effectués. Peut-être aurez-vous le niveau 1 en fin de séjour !!!

(attention, il sera bon de vous munir d’un certificat médical).