With over 20 years of experience on the island, we are highly-trained, nationally certified instructors who will attend to your needs. Our goal is that your dive with us is a relaxing, fun and exciting discovery that is, above all, completely safe.

First dives and beginning level divers

With our instructors, you will find the patience and encouragement you’re looking for while taking your first under-water “baby steps”. First dives will not exceed 5-6 meters.

Scuba training

In French Polynesia, you can learn to build your scuba diving proficiency while still enjoying the aquatic life that surrounds you. Five training dives should be sufficient to obtain your “Level 1”. Please note, you are not obliged to do all of your dives on the same island to qualify for a “Level 1”. (Learn more)


Huahine’s diverse sites allow you to “rub shoulders with”: Leopard Rays, shoals of barracudas, Giant Trevally, tuna, Grey Sharks, Blacktip reef sharks, Whitetip sharks and new-born sharks…but don’t forget the small and strange world of: leaf fish, clown fish, moray sels, Thor shrimp, and nudibranches! Concerned with sea life, we will share with you our knowledge of and our passion for this underwater world and its inhabitants. We will also try to introduce you to dolphins in their natural habitat and Humpback whales during the season of August to November. Please note, to observe these animals we will remain scrupulously respectful and be thankful for their presence. It is possible to do two dives in a row, with a one-hour pause between the dives. You can enjoy the dock in front of our center, next to Fare village, to relax and sunbath.

  Dive times are at 8:15 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.